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WIN a Classic Filled Spice Rack + New Unsweetened Cocoa Drink from NOMU

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WIN a Classic Filled Spice Rack + New Unsweetened Cocoa Drink from NOMU

  • Spice up your life with this NOMU spice rack + unsweetened cocoa drink worth R700!
WIN a Classic Filled Spice Rack + New Unsweetened Cocoa Drink from NOMU

NOMU is a South African Brand with a global footprint that has created and brought an extensive range of award winning products include herb and spice rubs, concentrated stocks, hot chocolates, baking kits, vanilla and olive oil into our kitchens.


The NOMU range of products is designed with an active, balanced and outdoor-living lifestyle in mind. And with products that are both Kosher and Halaal Certified, while their factory is BRC and HACCP accredited.


One of our favorite NOMU products is their collection of herbs and spice rubs – the very ingredients we use daily to bring our recipes and dishes to life. It’s the ingredients we don’t skimp on, and part of our essential pantry items.


We’re giving away a NOMU Classic Filled Spice Rack + the new unsweetened Hot Chocolate to one very lucky reader!


This gorgeous custom designed rack can be stored upright or flat in a drawer. It houses 9 of Tracy’s ultimate kitchen essential herbs and spices, including our favourites Cook’s Collection Spanish Smoked Sweet Paprika, Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger, and Origanum!


Each spice comes in reusable glass jars you can use once your spices are finished.


Along with the spice rack, we’re giving away NOMU Unsweetened Cocoa Drink, a brand new product that is a first in South Africa. It contains no sugar or sweetener, allowing you to decide what sweetener and how much to add to it. You can add water or milk and drink it both hot and cold. It’s banting friendly, Kosher, Halaal and comes in recyclable packaging.


WIN a Classic Filled Spice Rack + New Unsweetened Hot Chocolate from NOMU


UPDATE: This competition has closed. Congrats to Melissa Cook on winning this hamper!


To win a NOMU Classic Filled Spice Rack + the new unsweetened Cocoa Drink simply tell us what your favourite spice is and how you use it.


Click here for more information and to shop all the NOMU products


Competition Rules:

Competition closes Wednesday, 16 August 2017.

Valid only to residents of South Africa.

By entering you agree to our terms & conditions.

This competition is sponsored by NOMU.



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  • Cayenne Pepper is my favourite spice! I add it to just about everything (scrambled eggs, chicken stir fry etc) which gives the food a bit of a kick!

  • Tumeric is my favorite spice. It’s a must in my curry and I also make a drink of tumeric and ground ginger with milk when I am ill. Nature’s own which really helps me kick the flu and cold

  • Cinnamon. It is so versatile! I love it on my morning mealie meal porridge and its great on vegan pancakes or flapjacks!

  • Cinnamon is my favourite. It’s amazing on milktarts and sprinkling over many different baked goods like cinnamon rolls and some pastries! It’s also divine on simple toasted bread with maple syrup! Yummy!

  • Cinnamon! So versatile for sweet or savoury dishes or even in a latte. I love it and I would LOVE this amazing prize as my spice stocks run low xxx

  • My favourite and most versatile would have to be rosemary from their spice rack, just like using a fresh stem! I combine it with a little bit of butter and garlic cloves when grillling steak. the perfect meal. Also great to use on fresh veggies roasted with a little bit of olive oil. So simple yet still full of flavor 🙂

  • My favourite is definitely turmeric!! It makes absolutely any dish but I love using it when roasting vegetables as well as in my cauliflower soup I make. It gives such a vibrant colour as well as has all the health benefits and taste explosion!!

  • My favourite spice is cayenne pepper and I use it in most of my savoury dishes to add a bit of zing and sometimes to my hot drinks too!!

  • I love Cinnamon!

    I use it my cooking and baking, its amazing when mixed with some olive oil to be used as a non-abrasive body/lip scrub and hair mask <3

  • I love the paprika spice, I use it in almost every dish I make. It goes very well with my savoury muffins added with bacon, cheese and chopped mushrooms, topped off with a sprinkle of paprika spice om top gives it a homey taste.

  • Ginger is my go to spice. I love the VARIOUS health benefits of it. I have some in my tea on a daily basis. I use it with almost every meal that I prepare. You can never go wrong with Ginger, for compliments,just add GINGER.

  • Definitely Smaked Sweet Paprika, it’s so versatile! I love sprinkling it on my baked sweet potatoes, compliments the taste really well.

  • I love cinnamon and use it on my cereal in the mornings, on pancakes of course and when my throat is sore I make a hot water with honey, cinnamon, ginger, lemon and turmeric tea that is very soothing. I use turmeric alot in cooking and on eggs etc, for its many health benefits. Cumin is a must in any Mexican inspired dishes.

  • The spice that caught my eye in this rack is the Spanish Smoked Sweet Paprika, it gives a wood smoke flavour without having to cook over a wood fire.

    I use smoked paprika in a few dishes, my top 3 choices would be:

    Smoky pulled pork (pork leg rubbed in mixed spice and smoked paprika then slow braised with onion and garlic in cider)

    Beef shin ragu (braised beef shin, slow cooked with smoked paprika and italian herbs until meat is falling apart). I serve this with homemade gnocchi

    Smoky meatball sub. The kids love this one and I make a big batch so we have in the freezer for quick meals. Homemade beef meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce spiced with smoked paprika. Served on ciabatta bread topped with cheese. To make it healthier we put grated baby marrows and carrot into the sauce to make sure they get their veggies.

    Just made myself hungry now!


  • Favourite spice is without a doubt cinnamon! I sprinkle it over my oats every morning and love to add it to other dishes whether savoury like a nice curry or sweet like my homemade apple oats crumble.

  • My favourite spice is smoked paprika and I would honestly use it in my oats if that was acceptable. 😉 I use it in all my tomato-based sauces and dishes, and I love it on smashed avo. I also make a grilled corn and avo salad and then I sprinkle smoked paprika, garlic salt, freshly ground black pepper, and smoked chilli flakes on top. Yum!

  • I can’t just choose one, so I’m gonna choose two; cinnamon and turmeric!
    I use cinnamon on and in literally everything.. my coffee, cereal, smoothies, baking and the list goes on. Turmeric I use to make my own turmeric latte, to help with inflammation.. and I love using it as the main ingredient of my weekly home made hydrating face mask.

  • BAY LEAF! I simply heart bay leaves, full of aroma & flavor and brings most of my dishes to life almost instantly! I use it whole as well as add it to blends of spice in the grinder/blender and it brings out a different flavor.

  • I love spice so much, that one isn’t enough, that’s why my favorite is Garam Masala! A great blend of cinnamon and cumin, It just lifts a curry, or adds warmth to a chicken chowder.

  • I do not have an absolute favourite spice, I love them all!

    Cumin (jeera as I know it (I’m Indian)), bay leaves, and a cinnamon stick are amazing in curry! (yes, a cinnamon stick in curry is a normal thing) – fried lightly in oil, with some onions and chillies to create an aromatic and delicious base for any curry.

    The combination of black pepper, paprika, and origanum on margarita pizzas, potatoes, even on some cheese toast is simply divine. Rosemary, paprika, cumin, chillies, black pepper, and some salt on a perfect cut of lamb, in the oven… my mouth is watering!

  • My favourite spice is cinnamon – I love to use it when I’m baking or when I have oats for breakfast 🙂

  • The best spice has got to be Nutmeg, it is the most versatile spice I use. Especially in baking; it brings out the warmest flavors of any season. It balances out zestiness of citrus fruits and brings out the sweetness of all fruits. In curries and soups; just a touch of nutmeg has the power to embolden the main ingredient – be it meat or a warm hearty butternut soup. Not to forget just a tiny grate over your cup of hot chocolate will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

  • My favourite spice is sweet smoked paprika, and my favourite dish is to use it with pan-fried chicken flavoured with salt, pepper, garlic and paprkia. Served with potatoes and traditional South African sweet yellow rice, and some roast veg, it’s a perfect and quick weeknight meal

  • I love spices and herbs and choosing one is rather difficult.
    However my choice is origanum.
    I love the savoury scent it has and its versatility.
    I use it to sprinkle on salads, to flavour savoury scones, on pizza, in pasta, to top a savoury bread as well as inside it for flavour, and for using it either as a dry rub or in a marinade for chicken, roasted/grilled/braaied, or dry for rubbing on a steak. I also use it along with some other herbs for roasted vegetables.
    It’s truly a wonderful herb.

  • I’m a sucker for a cinnamon & nutmeg combination. I use it on almost everything, from flavouring hot milk for a winter warmer to dusting it over sliced green apples for a healthy dessert. I’ve also started using it in my cooking to add a little kick to dishes like fried rice, butter tossed mushrooms and roasted butternut. The sweetness of the spices adds this beautiful homely feel to whatever it is used on.

  • Definitely cinnamon; I use it in both savoury and sweet dishes. It adds a lovely Cape Malay flavour to curries, and is sweet and warming in my morning oats and stewed apples.

  • I love all the spices. Rosemary is my go to favorite. I would love love to win
    I am a personal nutritionist and personal trainer and going to school to be a Rn.

  • Woweeeeeee awesome prize ???? I would love to win this great prize ???? Its my birthday month ??? this would be a great birthday present ?????
    Liked & Shared ????
    Fingers and toes crossed ???

  • I’m loving Tumeric right now…in sweet or savoury dishes it just adds both a pop of Colour and a delicious warming taste. I use it to make golden rice, to jazz up Winter curries and stews and for breakfast, I add it to oats and smoothies. I also enjoy a warm, golden latte at night with steamed milk, a dollop of honey and a small sprinkling of tumeric.

  • I love using the bay leaves in my food, brings out so much flavour. Add it to my spices ,then add meat etc .By the time your foods done , you just fall in love with the smell.

  • Rosemary is my go to for everything! Some people say it doesn’t “go” with everything, but I don’t let those people tell me what to do! #LivingonthEdge. Currently my favourite tecipe is a lemon and herb (of course rosemary) baked chicken. Light, healthy, tasty and delicious! I got the recipe from Jessica Sepel’s original cook book 🙂

  • I use cinnamon on top of my Nomu skinny hot chocolate every night, in my gluten free pancakes. Cumin in just about everything especially grated courgettes and cream.

  • Asking me to CHOOSE between spices – it’s like choosing between my children !
    Moroccan rub is a favouritr for versatile & exotic flavours.
    Smoked paprika in bolognaise sauce over and above the usual for an interesting twist.
    Ginger, garlic, chili, mustard seeds & coriander & cumin are a base for my Indian cooking
    Rosemary, thyme, lemon ?, bay leaves for chicken/lamb

  • I love the rubs.
    It adds to the flavours of my food and I would be so lost if I run out of the rubs.
    Use in Chicken dishes, Pasta dishes, Pizzas, Stews and Casseroles

  • Ooooh I loooove cinnamon
    Reminds me of my mom’s soet patat and definitelyy grans baked milktart
    I love treating my son to pancakes with cinnamon sugar for breakfast, also do a braised chicken dish with tomato paste and cinnamon ???

  • Cinnamon especially in warm winter oats with a touch of the nomu decadent dark chocolate cooked in almond milk makes a dreamy creamy cinnamon choc oats ??

  • Paprika is my favourite spice, I love using it on meats, I find it gives the meat a richer taste, not to mention some colour.

  • I find this question impossible to answer. When I crave Indian food, it’s nigella, cardamom and fennel. When Italy calls to me it’s garlic, basil, fennel (again!). If Mexico is on my mind, it’s oregano and cilantro. And on and on it goes. Accept no substitutes. #nutreats #NOMU

  • I cannot go a day without using turmeric. I use it on just about everything, from curries to stir-fries, and even in my overnight oats.

  • Cinnamon is simply the best spice ever!! Love it. I use it in almost all my meals, especially with curry and pumpkin, but also with breakfast and in muffins. And my all time favourite, milktart with lots of cinnamon, delicious and mouth watering ??

  • Our favourite household spice is cinnamon! The kids mix it with sugar every Saturday morning and then make us all pancakes for breakfast 🙂

  • Defiantly the Indian Curry, I use it in most of meals especially during the cold, winter months, there is nothing nicer than a warm ‘not too hot’ hearty meal in the evenings. My ultimate favourite would have to be with chicken…..nom nom nom……curry chicken is the best……’s delicious 😀

  • Nutmeg, these days. I’ve been living on spinach from the green market, so I’ve been using quite a bit lately for that and also for the apple cakes and tarts I’ve been indulging in, with all the heirloom apples you can buy there too.

  • Paprika is a spice I love
    It gives my dishes a delightful aroma, colour and taste.
    It is versatile I can use it in my curries, stews, casseroles, soups, marinades etc.

  • I have a sweet tooth, so cinnamon is mine! My favourite quick, healthy snack is baked apples, sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon and some crushed walnuts 🙂

  • I simply cannot do without tumeric. I use it in all my cooking for curries and Breyanis. It also has a wide variety of health benefits.

  • I love cumin and use it in many of my dishes from curries to veg bakes and butternut soup. It adds something special to each dish without being overpowering ??

  • I would use the Spanish smoked sweet paprika for most of my dishes because it is so versatile.
    I would use it in my marinade when we braai. Use it for roast chicken with the cumin powder. Sprinkled on macaroni and cheese. Use it in my butter chicken. In my chicken stew and on my deeeeeelicious roast potatoes for my Sunday lunch. Yunmo….licious.. .. Nomu

  • Cinnamon is one of my favourite spices. I am able to create the most delicious healthy nutritious desserts, and comfort drinks that do nothing bad to the waistline yet taste yummy. It’s an added benefit that the health value in cinnamon is so high!

  • Cinnamon. Good for cakes and desserts like milktart, sago pudding, potato pudding, bread and butter pudding, fritters, pancakes, flapjacks, waffles, cinnabons, biscuits, etc. Also good as a natural sweetener when you are trying to cut down on sugar. Combats nausea when you are pregnant. Can be used on grilled or stewed vegetables or fruits too. Simply delicious!

  • We love cinnamon,,,, I use this great spice on pancakes, when I make sweet pototoes, and even on ice cream and milktart ,,,yummy We are so crazy about Cinnamon that we enjoy it every day. Always have a huge container in my kitchen

  • My favourite is Rosemary. I use it for my roasted chicken…rub it onto the chicken after I rubbed the chicken with some olive oil.

  • Best spice is definitely cinnamon. From the Swedish cinnamon buns to the enhanced flavours when you add it to your Apple tarts and pies, it just makes all baked goods taste 10 times better!

    • I Love Rosemary! It is so uplifting and versatile. Tastes divine when added to my roasting vegetables with olive oil!

  • Cayenne Pepper is my favourite spice… I put it on everything… all my meals… no matter what they have Cayenne Pepper on them… supper, lunch… I sprinkle it over everything…

  • I love using rubs to add flavour to my home cooked meals. Italian rub for pasta, salads AND PIZZA; Cajun Rub for chicken and indian rub for that extra kick.

  • I love cinnamon. I enjoy it in desserts and veggies and just about anywhere. My absolute faves are popping a few sticks in custard or butternut. Cinnamon is the cogwheels of my kitchen!

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