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Monthly Theme: Wired

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Monthly Theme: Wired

Feige Lewin
  • Wired is an energy theme. It’s the antidote to feeling blah, tired and unmotivated.

This month on Nutreats we’ve chosen the theme Wired.


As some of you read, this year has been a difficult one for us. Coming back to regular programming took a while and once we returned, our energy and focus wasn’t 100% here. Some days it was more like 0% and we still have 0% days.


We realise that it isn’t only a tragic death that can throw you off course and zap your energy. Life happens 24/7, there is no pause button and among the good (because there is always good if you choose to see it) there are hardships, challenges and a whole lot of balls that you’re just trying not to drop.


Wired is an energy theme. It’s the antidote to feeling blah, tired and unmotivated. We’ll be exploring topics that boost and amplify energy from food, to fitness and even some gear – because why not take wired literally too?


What gets you going and lifts you up when you’re down? Share in the comments or drop us an email @ [email protected] if you want your tips to be featured or you’d like us to try out something you’ve had your eye on but aren’t sure it will work and aren’t ready to commit.


And as always, if you’d like to share your Wired moments, tweet us, Facebook us or share your images on Instagram and we’ll share our favorites.

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  • I definitely use exercise to amp me up for my day ahead. Those endorphins help me have a positive attitude when facing struggles first thing in the morning at work, and it helps with focusing on getting the job done too.

    But how do I get motivated/energized to workout? I make sure I schedule my weekly workouts in my calendar and have a plan that I can follow to minimize any stress around what I need to do during my workouts. Also a little bit of preworkout now and then can go a long way! I use Body By Wild’s Cotton Candy flavour and it gives me just enough of a boost to push my limits during working out.

    • Same here, exercise in the morning definitely positively affects the rest of the day for me and I’ve found almost “wires” me to be more productive. The only problem now is getting out of bed in winter, but having set workouts planned definitely helps! And cotton candy flavor sounds divine!

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